• Improve your quality of life

    Enjoy long-term pain relief, posture and health benefits through our holistic approach to body treatments.

  • Heal holistically

    We combine the physical and emotional aspects of your healthcare to heal your body and give it balance.

  • Tailored treatment

    Your treatment is tailored to match your needs and lifestyle. Experience more than just pain relief as your body begins to stand, function and perform better with time.

Welcome to Functional Posture Therapy

An outstanding practice, devoted to the promotion of health, wellbeing and to restoring your body’s normal function. Functional Posture Therapy is non-invasive and activates your body’s natural healing abilities. Regardless of the cause of your initial discomfort, the benefits you will receive from this treatment program are transformative.

Dr Nick Sheldrick’s expertise in this innovative treatment program has made life-changing improvements to his clients’ lives. He regularly consults with practitioners locally, nationally and internationally, who seek his knowledge and recommendations in this advanced field of treatment.

FPT can improve your quality of life

Functional Posture Therapy delivers cumulative, long-term benefits to your posture through our holistic body treatments. We take a results-driven, approach to your healthcare, which means our key priority is providing you with tangible, observable outcomes and pain relief.

FPT’s treatment method is unique

We bring together the physical and emotional aspects of your healthcare to relieve pain, heal your body, give it balance and improve its ability to function long-term. Through specific layered correction, the body unlocks what’s hidden as a result of compensation due to injury.

FPT treatments get results

Your body will be assessed on its healing potential, condition and environmental factors to match your needs and lifestyle. You’ll notice immediate results, even after just one visit and experience more than just pain relief as your body begins to stand, function and perform better.


After almost 20 years of different treatments, including physios, chiros, and osteopaths, and being told I would never be healed, I met Nick who said it would take 6 weeks to get better. He then gave me relief from the constant pain, my strength and energy (that was a distant memory) returned and my symptoms of chronic fatigue and narcolepsy subsided. I have never found another practitioner as good.